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We strive to create stylish forms that are not only attractive but serviceable and durable.  The attractiveness and versatility of our pottery will allow you to use it every day as well as on all your special occasions. 

Casserole Dish with Lid. Platter and Bowl

Our platter and bowl set can be used to serve chips or veggies with your favourite dips.  The "ovenproof" platter can be used alone for roasting chicken, meats, fish, and for baking nachos, pizza, etc.  It is the perfect serving tray for cold cuts, sandwiches, cheese and fruits. 

Teapot Bowl

We also produce a full line of functional items: mugs, goblets, steins, casseroles, baking dishes, teapots cream and sugar sets, a wide range of bowls, roasting and serving platters, pizza and pie dishes, antipasto sets, wine and sake sets, candlesticks, etc.  

We have recently developed new blue/green/rust glazes and new designs  inspired by Haida, Aztec, and Celtic art    Our designs are applied by hand using specialized brushes, liquid wax resist,  and influenced by the brushwork techniques of English potter Allan Caiger Smith.  His brushwork designs often created both a positive and negative pattern which were often visually  interchangeable.  Like him, we believe the design is as important as the pot and we strive to achieve that balance.   

All of our functional work is: 


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