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The Japanese Garden 2002

The Japanese Garden at Dinner Bay - May 2002
photos courtesy of Brian Haller

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The Japanese Gardens (above) was dedicated by Lieutenant Governor , Iona Campagnolo on May 29th, 2002 to those Japanese who settled and developed much of Mayne Island. Dinner Bay Park itself was one such site. The garden is not meant to be a totally correct Japanese Garden but more one of beauty for all Mayne Islanders to share. It has been constructed to date with volunteer labour and monetary donations. There are work parties every Tuesday and Saturday mornings and we WELCOME any time you might be able to spare. Donations be they monetary or plants should be addressed to Don Herbert at 539-2299.

The bridge to the island is just been finished as well as a stone retaining wall which are great assets to the park. The Lions waterfall is a very refreshing addition and runs every day on recycled pond water. The Zig Zag bridge has just recently been constructed in our cool boggy area. The folklore is that by crossing this bridge you will divest yourself of any evil spirits as they can only follow you in straight lines. Try it out !!!

The entrance is through the magnificent new Japanese Torii ( gateway) in Dinner Bay Park Just follow the road behind the park washrooms and past the Lion's storage building. For work parties you can enter using the back service gate by the Oceanwood Resort.

Most of all come out and enjoy YOUR gardens .


To read Iona Campagnolo's Speech, click here.

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Japanese Settlers Plaque



Japanese Garden Home

photos courtesy of Brian Haller


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