Mayne Island Lighthouse
Blacktail Deer
The Queen of Cumberland - ferry that runs from Mayne to Schwartz Bay on Vancouver Island
View from Beacon Hill looking west

Vacation Accommodations



Mayne Island Christmas Eve Bonfire 2010

Thanks to Dereck Atha


Mayne Island Remembrance Day 2010

The trumpet player was Michelle Footz.

Thanks to Dereck Atha




Mayne Island Halloween Fireworks

Thanks to Mayne Island Fire Department, Per Nielsen and his helpers for once again giving us a great display.

and thanks to raytanmodack who filmed it and put it on YouTube.


Mayne Island Fall Fair

August 2009

Thanks to Donna Patton.

Quilters Event held June 9, 2009, on Mayne Island, BC, Canada.

With visitors from Galiano, Saturna and the Pender Islands, and Duncan on Vancouver Island...
Some people came by small boat, others by ferry.
Great food, show and share of quilts, in a beautiful setting by the ocean.





At the 100 Mile Dinner

A talk provided by Shanti on being an organic farmer - a presentation made to the 100 mile dinner conducted by the Cool Community and sponsored by The Conservancy Society of Mayne Island

Thanks to Toby Snelgrove


The Oil on your Plate - Part 1

Talk given by Richard Iredale at the Cool Community, Conservancy sponsored 100 mile diet dinner held on Mayne Island. Theme: The reduction of green house gases when living on a 100 mile diet.

Thanks to Toby Snelgrove


The Oil on your Plate - Part 2



Mayne Island Recycles 2007

Slide presentation of employees, volunteers, and patrons at Mayne Island's recycle operation. Presention shown at their annual "thank you" dinner.

Thanks to Toby Snelgrove.


Mayne Island Taps -
Me and My Shadow

Carol McAndrew's tap call performance - spring 2007.

Performers: Mark and Marc. Carol, director and choregrapher, is a gift to Mayne Island encouraging anyone to get up and tap, act, or dance.

Thanks to Toby & Jessica Snelgrove


Mayne Island Tap Dancers - Summer 2006

The Bohemi Studio Dancers perform at the Mayne Island Farmers Market. Studio owner and director, Carole McAndrew taught, choreographed and staged the dance.

Left to right, front row: Bev Graham, Maggie McKenzie, Jean Chizeck, Carole McAndrew. Back row: Sam Dean, Marian Maclean, Margaret Hammer. with the addition of Marc Parthew in Puttin' on the Ritz.

Vid by Toby Snelgrove.




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