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Mayne Island Car Stops

You are welcome to use our 25 Mayne Island Car Stops. This is free, voluntary, alternative transportation that is environmentally and community-friendly. We encourage drivers to share the ride, reducing fuel consumption and our ecological footprint. We encourage pedestrians who need a lift — including those arriving by ferry or boat — to try waiting at a Car Stop, and be open to the generosity of drivers. (Unlike a bus, there's no regular schedule; like a bus, you trust the driver.)

Car Stops signs are green and white road signs located at pullouts all around Mayne. They indicate the locations where drivers may expect to see passengers seeking a ride. They are two-way stops, so if you're standing there, indicate with your hand which way you're heading, and if you cross the street, be careful.


  • Drivers don't have to take the first in line;
  • you don't have to accept a ride - that's fine.
  • It's at your own risk if you take a lift,
  • the ride is free, so consider it a gift.

FROM THE VILLAGE BAY FERRY TERMINAL: Walking off the ferry? If you want a ride, look on the cardeck for a car with an I Give Rides dashboard sign and chat with the driver. OR Walk up the hill. Outside the gate and across the street is Car Stop #1, Village Bay Rd at Re/Max Lane. Indicate with your hand the direction you want to go, toward Miners Bay on Village Bay Rd, or south on Dalton Dr. Driving off the ferry? If you're willing to give a ride onto Mayne, you'll have picked up an I Give Rides sign in a Car Stops box—there's one on the terminal walkway and at Car Stop #1. On the cardeck, passengers may approach a car that has this sign on the dashboard.

Mayne is the second Southern Gulf Island, after Pender, to institute Car Stops.
Mayne Island Car Stops were funded by the Capital Regional District,
The Mayne Island Chamber of Commerce, the Islands Trust Mayne Island Local
Committee, and the Victoria Real Estate Board Community Donations Program.

Download The Car Stops Map


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