Mayne Island hums with the songs of artists and artisan inspired. Its beauty is a natural incubator for creating. The minute I set foot on its soil my creative soul sang and I knew I was home. For four years, I have been proud to call Mayne Island home.

Over this time my knitting haven has floated from shore to shore. Both on the isle itself and also on BC ferry. Unless you are very shy, the ferry is a perfect haven.

Long uninterrupted periods of clicking with inspiration as close as the nearest window. We have moved three times during these four short years...and I have changed professions. Through it all I have been delighted with the quality of knitting havens. For the first two years, I clicked away as customers came and went from my craft supply store. When my store closed, my haven moved to a beautiful garden setting where squirrels, humming birds, and deer inspected my stitches. Recently, we staked our claim as islanders with the purchase of our home!

My new home is littered with the tell-tale signs: yarn, needles, knitting, knitting baskets, and paper and pen. As this is late fall, my knitting have is located in the living room. With three cats blissfully sleeping and a wood stove glowing in the corner, I knit. You are invited to grab some needles, lovely yarn and join me by the fire.

Leanne Dyck